Why Omegle is Shutting Down
Why Omegle is Shutting Down

Dear friend,

Do you remember Omegle, the website that allowed strangers to chat randomly? It embodied the open, free, and serendipitous spirit of the early internet. Sadly, Omegle recently announced it is shutting down.

I actually loved using Omegle. It introduced me to many interesting people and broadened my horizons. I understand the founder's original intention to create a platform for casual conversations.

However, any tool can be used for good or bad purposes. Omegle was no exception - some did misuse it to do harm. The founder said they tried their best to moderate content and cooperate with authorities to fight crime. I believe they made a sincere effort. But eliminating crime completely is impossible - that's the reality.

In recent years, Omegle faced much criticism and attacks, demanding it cease operations. In a way, that deprives users of the right to use it. I understand these voices mean well, to prevent further abuse. But as a user, I still hope it could continue.

Because the internet gives us freedom of choice. If we fear misuse, we can simply choose not to use it. But if it is forcibly shut down, we lose that choice. I don't want the internet to become merely passive content consumption, devoid of active participation.

Lastly, I'm thankful for the joy and inspiration Omegle brought me. Its founder made contributions for us users, and I regret he can no longer keep up the fight. I understand it was tremendous stress for him. In any case, Omegle left its mark on internet history, and its spirit will live on.  

Friend, these are some of my thoughts on Omegle's shutdown. I cherish the openness and freedom of the internet, and hope we will continue to treasure it. Let's work together to safeguard the essential spirit of the internet.

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Why Omegle is Shutting Down

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